Q + A with Dawn Schumaker, Owner of DMS.


What’s your story? How did you get into cloud accounting for nonprofits?

Prior to founding DMS, I spent fifteen years in public and private industry. First, I was a controller for a nonprofit and later I became an audit manager in public accounting, specializing in nonprofits.

I saw a gap between auditors and the nonprofits they served. Most nonprofits work with a minimum staff and a tight budget. There was a glaring need for CPA services at a reasonable price!

I’m a big advocate for doing what you love, so it was easy to embrace this new endeavor. In 2009 I made DMS a reality and as the daughter of a fire fighter, my first client was a firehouse.

As DMS grew, I became an early adapter of Cloud Technology – using it in my own business and then offering it to my clients.

What makes you different from other CPAs?

Two things – I specialize in reasonably priced CPA services for nonprofits, and I offer my clients the freedom and accuracy of Cloud Technology.

I believe in providing real value to my clients. That’s why DMS offers fixed fee pricing so you get, and pay for, just what you need. And we use a unique, cloud technology to get the job done quickly and more accurately. That’s a savings in itself. This long-term, specialized approach really works for nonprofits.

Describe some of the challenges your clients face, and how you help them.
My clients need more time. They need accounting solutions that are easy to use and that integrate with their other existing software. They also need timely, accurate and meaningful financial information to support their mission!

Some ways that DMS  can help include:

  • Streamlining your workflow and internal processes
  • Decreasing the opportunity for errors
  • Customizing reports for deeper financial insight
  • Supporting good decisions with financial snapshots at your fingertips
  • Lowering accounting costs while increasing flexibility and scalability

Why do clients choose you?

I believe clients initially choose DMS because of my passion for nonprofits and our specialized approach to serving them via Cloud Technology.

But clients stay as they discover the increased value of our services – like enjoying CPA services for less. I like to build lasting relationships with my clients by providing solutions that support their mission.

What don’t we know about you?

My German Shephard, Lilah, is a volunteer pet therapist with Paws for People.
I’ve plunged into icy oceans and rappelled off a seventeen-story building for Special Olympics Delaware. (More than once!)
My hobbies include golf, roller derby, ice hockey and spending time at the beach…not at the shore.
I’m AICPA, DSCPA, Xero Silver Partner and CGMA Certified

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