Orange Leap – Where Nonprofits Rise and Shine

Orange Leap

Whether your raising friends or funds – or both – Orange Leap is a customized solution specifically built for nonprofit organizations. Typically, donor database management systems are cumbersome and expensive. DMS Solution has partnered with Orange Leap because the software is affordable, and simple to use. Just what you need to make the most of your relationships.

How Orange Leap helps you:

  • Cloud-based – Manage your constituents and gifts from anywhere
  • Easy to Use – Simple, intuitive user interface allows you to get up and running easily
  • Fully Automated – Let Orange Leap manage your business processes and workflow; avoid the risk of relying on any one person to remember what to do, when to do it, and who needs to approve it
  • Easy to Integrate – Orange Leap centralizes your data where it makes the most sense, and integrates with accounting, email and your web site
  • Extensive Support – Take advantage of Orange Leap forums, articles, and community any time



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